Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gotcha Day!

Twenty-two years ago:
My husband dropped me off at an airport
three hours from our home.
He drove back into an unannounced blizzard.
Spent 15 hours in our pick-up
stuck in a drift between here and there.
There were no cell phones then!
Family and friends prayed through the night.
Brazilian airlines are on strike.
I took another airline...landed in Rio,
Carnival time and flooding.
I am in the south, I need to be in the north.
I know my husband has not arrived home.
I don't speak Portuguese.
People are praying.
Fly through the night to Belem ...the Amazon.
Phone call - Blair is safe.
I become a mother for the second time,
meeting our two month old, 6 lb. daughter.
Jane Raquel
Prayers answered.

I made this necklace as a gift to my daughter
in celebration of the day we met.
We are so glad we GOTCHA!


  1. OK Now! THAT IS BEAUTIFUL! Absolutely loved by Jane I am sure!

  2. Brings a tear to my eye...little Jane Raquel. Was that really 22 years ago? My how time flies. Thanks for sharing all your talents on this blog. It's awesome!

  3. so cool to connect again, Davonne! Loved seeing your current "you and yours". it's been so long.
    Still have your beautiful hankie baby....and my mom's. Mine has a broken arm but it was worth it when a grandaughter asked to hold grama's special baby doll. (I should have put it away before the younger sister got to it!)
    Looking forward to your blog!